Nonna to Nana

Stories of Food and Family by Jessie + Jacqueline DiBlasi


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About Us!

Jessie and Jacqueline DiBlasi are a creative sister duo that have combined their photographic and design skills to develop their first book, Nonna to Nana. The sisters have independently managed the production of the book from conception to release and established their own independent publishing house.

Jessie is a documentary photographer with a personal interest in multiculturalism and its impact upon everyday life. Her photographic work investigates tradition in its various forms, capturing both the complexities and similarities between cultures. The Nonna to Nana project provided a platform for Jessie’s distinct documentary-style photography to be applied to a subject close to her heart.

Jacqueline is a graphic designer with a passion for publication design. Nonna to Nana gave her the opportunity to experiment with formats and styles that would enhance the book’s narrative. This included creating various elements that would add to reader experience, such as the section for readers to document their own family recipes.

Jac + Jessie DiBlasi